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FGRaptor's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 8 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 170 Points

You Will Hate This Game

Artist Unlocked 12/1/13
5 Points
My art skills are bad, show me some art! If you draw some fan art about the green square’s struggle against the red rectangles, I will tell you how to get this medal.
First Blood Unlocked 12/1/13
5 Points
Completed any level on any difficulty in Survival mode – but whose blood was spilled?
Mild Hate Unlocked 11/30/13
5 Points
Completed Level 1 – 11 in Survival mode on Easy difficulty. A good start.
This is a Secret Unlocked 1/21/14
5 Points
But it’s not shown as a secret medal, is it? Though how to unlock it is a secret. That’s a low blow. Good luck.
Gotta Go Fast Unlocked 12/1/13
25 Points
Reached a score of at least 20 in Collection Marathon mode.
Hate Rising Unlocked 12/1/13
25 Points
Completed Level 1 – 11 in Survival mode on Medium difficulty. A valiant effort.
Gonna see some serious hate Unlocked 12/1/13
50 Points
Survived at least 88 seconds in Survival Marathon mode.
I Hate This Game Unlocked 12/1/13
50 Points
Completed Level 1 – 11 in Survival mode on Hard difficulty. A surv1v0r is born.
The Collector 100 Points Completed Level 1 – 11 in Collection mode on YWHTG difficulty. You put hedgehogs to shame.

Medals Earned: 8/9 (170/270 points)